ADESA UVA Services

United Vehicle Auctions

Trusted Network

In each ADESA UVA market, buyers and sellers are handpicked and agree to adhere to our strict rules and policies regarding full vehicle disclosure and prompt transport, inspection and payment.

Dealer Financing

UVA is proud to offer inventory financing through most new-car dealer captives and all the major floorplan providers.

Given that UVA sells reconditioned vehicles, your flooring dollar goes further than it would in the physical auction lanes (pre-recon). Just let us know if you have any questions.


One of the great things about selling with UVA is that you don’t transport a car until after it’s sold! Buyers are responsible for arranging transportation.

UVA will assist the buyer with transportation (upon request). If UVA is requested to assist, a separate transportation fee will be charged based on distance.