About UVA

If there were an auction for fully reconditioned, clean CARFAX, pre-booked cars priced on the money, would you bid? If you could show these same cars to your service manager to verify the condition before you paid for it, would you sleep better at night? If you could auction your frontline cars while they stayed on your frontline for retail sale, could you retail more cars?

Imagine an auction where the term “car guys” means integrity and your word is your bond. Imagine UVA…we did!Club Auto Sport

UVA (United Vehicle Auctions) was founded in 2007 by partners Ed Hebert and Chris Langley, who have a combined 50+ years in the retail car business. Today, UVA is a division of ADESA Auto Auctions. UVA allows you to:

  • Buy and Sell frontline-ready inventory in a trusted environment
  • Save the time, money, and hassle of needless transportation
  • Not lose a single moment of retail exposure


In Ed’s own words:

From my years working in car dealerships, I learned there was great value in working with a small network of trusted dealers. You knew who the good guys were and you quit doing business with the bad ones. When we started UVA, we sought out to do the same thing. We got together with the best of the best.Club Auto Sport

All the vehicles we offer meet the following qualifications:

  • Smogged (if applicable) and safetied
  • No excessive body or paint work
  • 50% or better on brakes and tires
  • Clean CARFAX
  • Clean and clear title


Buying with UVA:

  • Purchase frontline-ready inventory from UVA online or by attending our catered auction event.
  • Arrange your own transportation or have us do it for you.
  • Once vehicle arrives, inspect it and send us an email within three business days if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • If you received what you were promised, send a check to the facilitating auction and we’ll send you the title.


Selling with UVA:

  • Fax or email booksheets to UVA, along with your reserve prices, pictures, and relevant disclosures.
  • Attend the sale online or in-person to represent your vehicle and approve the sale.
  • Once it sells, remove the vehicle from your frontline and have it available for transportation.
  • Send the title to the facilitating auction, and once it’s inspected by the buying dealer, we will send you a check (no less than three business days from delivery).

Register today and find out how hundreds of dealers benefit from UVA every week.